Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Fairest Beauty Book Review

The Fairest Beauty

Melanie Dickerson

4 out of 5

Genre: Young Adult

I may not be a young adult, but I certainly enjoy Melanie Dickerson's retelling of the classic fairy tales. She has a unique way of forming the characters and storyline to bring out a Christian-themed tale with far more details.

The Fairest Beauty tells the story of Sophie, who is a maid at Hohendorf Castle. She is mistreated by the Duchess Ermengard for reasons beyond Sophie's comprehension. One day a stranger comes to the castle looking for Sophie.
Gabe is a young and dashing and Sophie doesn't trust him. Her experience with Lorencz, the Duchess's huntsman, has taught her that. From all the years of mistreatment, she has learned to trust only a few people--those in her closest circle--fellow servants like her.

Once the Duchess discovers that Gabe has come to take Sophie away, she determines to kill all those involved. With the help of an unlikely source, they are aided in escaping from the evil Duchess.
They spend days avoiding the Duchess's guards, wolves, and the dangers of the forest, where Gabe is injured trying to protect Sophie. Their difficult journey takes them to the Cottage of the Seven, where they have been told they may seek help and refuge.

Anyone who has heard the story of Snow White will pretty much figure out how the Fairest Beauty ends. Yet, with Melanie's touch, the journey is much different than the fairy tale. It's a very uplifting, encouraging tale of putting one's faith in God, to persevere. This is a great tale for women of all ages.

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  1. Thanks, Carole, for the great review!!! :-)

    1. You are welcome, Melanie. I really did enjoy the book a great deal. I had a hard time stopping at the end of a chapter which urged me on to the next one. Thank you, Melanie!

  2. Great review. I'm halfway through it and am enjoying it very much!

    1. Katie, thanks so much for visiting. Let me know how you like the entire book once you are finished. Have a great day!

  3. I really enjoyed this book! :) I still have to read "The Merchant's Daughter. Can't wait!

    Great review, Carole!