Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tea Time for Anglophiles

            A true Anglophile cannot survive without an occasional afternoon tea. If you are unfortunate and do not have a local tea room—or cannot make a flying trip to London for an authentic one—create your own experience.

            Make it a tea for one, or treat a small group of friends or family. You don’t have to purchase an expensive teapot, matching cups and saucers or fancy table linens. A trip to a couple of thrift shops should suffice. Locate a lovely square table cloth and use it at an angle over a color coordinated cloth, or a plain white one. Cups and saucers do not have to match. There is a pleasant charm to mismatched china and table linens. Top off your table scape with a loosely placed bunch of flowers in a vase or use a teapot for your flowers.

            Your food does not have to be elaborate nor homemade in order to create a special mood. Scones, muffins and dainty sandwiches to accompany a freshly brewed pot of Earl Grey will make a lovely British tea experience.

            Happy sipping!
A celebratory tea for my friend, Morgan

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